Friday, July 23, 2010

Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act Revisited

Back on June 11, 2009 Wolf, Baldwin and Associates wrote a blog covering the new Pennsylvania New Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act and how it would effect both consumer and contractor alike.

In the news today, it was written that the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has targeted seven home-improvement contractors across the state in lawsuits accusing them of violating the state's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. Three of those contractors were from nearby Philadelphia.

According to State Attorney General Tom Corbett, "Complaints about home improvement projects 'gone bad' are typically one of the top reasons for consumers to contact the Attorney General's Office."

This once again brings to the forefront the need for contractors to make sure that they are aware of new Business Law to make sure that they are following the letter of the law while providing service and to make sure that the consumers are aware of all their rights and legal remedies at their disposal.

If you have any questions regarding the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Law, feel free to contact the Lawyers at Wolf Baldwin and Associates.