Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rising Unemployment numbers in PA

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Pennsylvania's unemployment rates are on the rise.

The numbers reflected by this published report are both sobering, and alarming.

-Unemployment rose to 7 percent in January.

-PA lost 3,500 jobs in January.

-The number of people looking for work in the civilian sector has risen to 6,446,000. That is an increase of 5,000 from the previous month.

The Pennsylvania Unemployment Act offers some help in these difficult times by providing weekly benefits that are based upon length of employment and total amount paid into the unemployment system.

The law firm of Wolf, Baldwin and Associates, P.C. can help you receive benefits that are due to you. The variety of issues that determine whether or not you are eligible for unemployment benefits are complex and unique to your own situation. We cover a variety of these concerns in our article regarding "Unemployment Compensation." Feel free to contact us at our Pottstown, PA or West Chester, PA offices.

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Bliss said...

Looks like the numbers are rising everywhere. I like the new look you have going on.

Michael Krumer said...

I like the new look!

lawluvr said...

great new look. it looks like the unemployment figures continue to rise. i hear the PA court system has been overloaded recently.

Doug said...

sobering numbers.

Crystal Laker said...

Man, it looks like times are getting tougher in PA.

ObamaMama said...

I hope things get turned around before those numbers get any higher.

Cam Barnes said...

I hope this situation gets better soon. Unemployment in PA seems to keep on going up.

Kip Dynamite said...

cool new look!