Friday, March 27, 2009

Issues in Collecting Child Support

The economy has obviously put a strain on all facets of life. One issue that may be of growing concern is the ability to collect child support for many parents. Wage garnishment in order to provide regular child support is is nothing new to most employers. The orderly process of keeping children and their parents funded is a vital component to the welfare of the state and the children themselves.

Income sources for child support are not limited to payroll deductions, they can also be drawn from insurance claims if there is a past-due amount of child support owed.

You can read more in our article entitled "Collection of Child Support From Employers and Insurers, located at the website. You can also read some more thoughts about the collection of spousal and child support in Pennsylvania at our site.
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Michael Krumer said...

I haven't thought about that, but I bet you are right. This could be a concern with people out of work or starting new low paying jobs.

Cam Barnes said...

when money gets tight, too many people try to 'cut back' on expenses and sadly some think their kids are an expense.

Crystal Laker said...

i didn't know you could get money from a settlement if you weren't the party awarded the money

Doug said...

I bet that this becomes more of an issue in time.

Kip Dynamite said...

I just think it is terrible that people lose site of what is important and that causes the need for legislation such as that.

ObamaMama said...

people don't even realize what a problem this is these days